Brük Dunbar presents her fourth solo installation at Zughaus Gallery in Berkeley, California. “Malpais: the Badlands” is Dunbar’s first installation that delves into her homeland of New Mexico by exploring the history of Uranium mining in the region and the long and painful relationship that it played with the Native American reservations within and nearby. After many occurrences of lung cancer started surfacing amongst its miners, the Navajo Tribe declared a moratorium on uranium mining in 2005. Dunbar, a ceramic sculptor, aims to discuss the topic of Uranium mining by building floor-to-ceiling cacti monuments. These sculpted cacti are non-genus specific and aim to represent the flora of many Native American lands and tell the story of many injustices Uranium has done, not only the Native Nations it affected directly, but also to  the world through its processing and nuclear proliferation.

Photos from Malpais opening reception by Natalia Melikova