In September ZUGHAUS Gallery will present art and poetry from Craig Sullender and his recently published book, Char Front. Look forward to live readings and revelations. Enjoy this preview, selections from Ruler:

this decade I went from americanos to espresso
from mixed drinks to shots
which leaves me looking over the world’s menu
of poisons and ill-logic carefully as my next
should be a good one

first to clear up a few items so we can start the new year fresh:
1. free will vs. Free Willy
2. why it takes a long arm to grasp deep truths
3. how to avoid love and success by just being yourself

taking advice bon mot I’ll tell you we stare at the backs
of the ones that go ahead

In LA the all-over tattooed ex-rocker journalized
his foray into expert fisting up to his elbow
inside a young male ingĂ©nue I’m guessing surprised
at the depth of being that contains all searches within
but “the spirit literally cannot remain within itself”
so by law exudes epiphanies the fistee inspired? moved?
to become a chef sewing up turkeys for the homeless

the long armed fister became an airline pilot his fingertips
guiding fate gently

here now let’s not light the fuse of unanswered questions
let’s not be drawn off course by the pretty mask on life’s mystery
let the others bark away at that squirrel-less tree

fuck the achievers and their blown-up gall
this part of the boat is reserved for the ballast of cranky layabouts
keeping keel down and sail up

your special ticket is to answer these questions:

1. Have you with great skill successfully avoided the cornucopic god
flow spilling over your feet?
2. Can you in detail describe four grudges maintained in an awesomely
committed way?
3. Have you noticed how precisely inaccurate the word “people” describes
anyone? Do you wave it around like a shiny sword regardless?
4. Will you claim every errant thought a journeyed hero worthy of huffdom?
5. For extra credit if you’ve been listening: who are we to tongue tiles
into what design?
6. By what permission are you breathing?
7. By what light from your eyes do you see the world how?
8. There are no monkeys. Do you hear them anyway, screeching away clear
9. When it pleases you to “open a can of agro” which weapons of mine
would you like to borrow? Which of yours do you recommend?

Would you build a house to have sunlit curtains blow in a breeze? Can
you see it? Where does it come from?

Craig Sullender 2010